Monday, March 15, 2010

Altered Book

I needed to make an altered book of some sort for Simply Scrapping Crafts, something I had never attempted before, so I decided to make a gift for my sister to showcase photos of her flowers. I envisioned making the flowers 3D by using layered photos, and beyond that I wasn't sure what to make or how to make it - I usually design as I go, so I figured I could wing it okay.

I first went on a trip to a local second hand store and found a great book for $2 - it had gorgeous photos and instructions for making various crafts - it was actually a shame to cut on the book. Once I had the book, then I decided that I would make it into several sections that would each be somewhat of a shadow box and would showcase an individual photo.

Then I needed to make the 3D photos. For each photo, I needed 3 or 4 identical prints of the shot, depending on how many layers I could identify. The following is a shot of some of the finished photos in layers.

Then I went into actually making the project. The following are some photos of the project, which is semi-finished at this point. I got all of the individual sections done, and now I will go back and finish the cover, and add additional embellishments to the two-page spread where each section opens up. I especially like how the photos turned out with the 3D effect and the silk ribbons that I used to edge each section - I purchased those ribbons a couple of years ago because I was going to try silk ribbon embroidery (but of course I procrastinated and never did), and I thought they looked especially beautiful on this project.

Hopefully I will have photos of the completed project up pretty soon. If you have any questions about anything, just let me know! Thanks for stopping by!