Saturday, May 18, 2013


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I am still in my reorganizing mode, although it's a little bit here and a little bit there process as time (and my motivation) allows.  This week I want to share some labels that I made for the bins on this cool storage unit I recently got from Ikea.  I really like this contraption - it was easy to assemble and hang, and it's just so useful and the bins are easy to pull out and put back in!

I used a couple of dies and cut out different papers, then glued everything together and added some letter stickers, flowers, and pearls.  I have some other larger bins that you can't see in this photo that I've also put labels on (just now as "embellished" as these).  I hope to have everything completed soon so I can share some pictures of the entire room.  This shelf is hanging on the wall over in one corner.

This closeup is for my "stuff" that I either can not find another place for, or else I'm just too lazy to find where it's really supposed to go.  Everybody needs at least one of those junk gathering spots!

Thanks again for stopping by!  I appreciate you taking the time to visit, and I hope your day is blessed!

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  1. too cool. never been in ikea. they have a giant one in Austin. mean to visit some time. cute labels too


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